Boost Energy Levels With Juicing

Today I woke up thinking to myself, I am sick of the way I feel. Its something I know in the back of my head most days but today it got to me more than usual. When I get out of bed each morning, instead of feeling refreshed, I am already tired. At work its even worse. I cant focus as well as I know I am capable of doing. And its really frustrating because I have so much I need to get done during the day. And after work, even though my job is not very active, I am often too tired to go out or exercise or do anything for myself except eat a big, unhealthy dinner.

What I did to break the cycle, is I decide to start juicing. Not only that, I wanted to really educate myself on how fresh fruits and vegetables could energize my body and my life. While I didn’t feel the best from day one, before long I started to feel incredible. This post is a review of a book I purchased and read online that I feel is the most complete guide to juicing out there. So here it is:

juice therapy e-book
I recently read a completely new collection of juicer recipes put together in an e-book by a woman named Melissa Bartram called: Juice Therapy, Heal Your Life

She has put together a ton of information on the full spectrum of benefits that can be had from juicing and categorizes the recipes in an easy to read way. The two biggest themes of juice-making she and most other experts cover are juicing for energy and juicing for weight loss. Being mainly interested in energy myself, I figured I would pick this one up and give it a try.

I liked the completeness of the guide because it has recipes, juicing machine recommendations and the specific health benefits or “healing qualities” as she calls them of about 50 fruits and vegetables. Another things I like is the reference chart that comes with it. This allows you to make a juice on the fly for whatever benefit you want that particular day.

I would recommend her report for anyone who wants to get serious about juicing or wants to decide if its right for them. I really like it because it is not just a list of recipes, but also a guide that focuses on the lifestyle that goes along with the juicing and goes in depth about why each ingredient is being used.

Some of the less recognized benefits of juicing are also layed out though and are really interesting to read about. Did you know using a juicer can improve your digestive health, make you focus better, detox your body and help to prevent headaches and even the common cold? It really all depends on what combination of ingredients you are putting into your juicer and your routine that makes all the difference.

While this site focuses on juicing recipes that will give you energy, most people are also interested in some other the other benefits of juicing, even if gaining more energy is your main goal. Its all about the routine you have and what types of things are going into your juicer. That is why I wanted to share this book. There is a good amount of general information for people interested in understanding the full benefits of the individual fruits and vegetables and how juicing can benefit your life. Its a really good read so please check it out because I would really love your feedback on this book if you are interested in it at all, Here is the link, you can buy the book here

Another thing I forgot to mention is that as a bonus she put together a huge list of healthy salad dressings that also comes with the book. I personally felt it was worth every cent because I really have started to value my health lately. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.


fresh green juice

Juicing Basics

Since the juice we make comes straight from fresh fruits and vegetables we are taking in simple plant sugars that are natural, water, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and because there are no other additives to this mixture, our bodies are getting exactly what it needs without anything extra. Juicing takes less energy for the body to digest than it would if we ate whole fruits and vegetables. We are also able to get more of these nutrients into out body through juicing because the juice for allows us to be able to consume more fruits and vegetables than if we were to eat them whole. There is simply not enough room in our stomachs no do most of us have the desire or patience to eat for example multiple apples, a few carrots, and stalks of celery, citrus fruit and handfuls of greens in one sitting.

Additional Benefits

Another thing to mention is the speed at which juice can enter the bloodstream to provide energy relative to other food sources. This is why many people have found it to be a great option before you exercise. Most of us have heard that we should not eat before we exercise. This is mostly because we don’t want out bodies to be filled up and slowed down for exertion, but also because it takes the body a while to start making use of the things we recently ate. Juice is lighter and more compact and gives a near instant energy boost. I will touch on it more later but juice from the store is not a good substitute for fresh juice because it has been pasteurized and has unnatural sugars and preservatives which make fresh juice from home far better than over the counter juice.

Juicing, so Many Possibilities!

Finally, juicing can be really fun! Once you get started with some of the recommended recipes and ingredients that support health and energy you can mix and match to create your own recipes and experiment with juicing new things, the sky is really the limit when it comes to juicing recipes for energy. Being creative with juicing allows you to use what you have on hand as well as to experience new flavors so it never gets old. The best part of adding variety to your juicing regiment is that you can create special blends that will promote the things you want for your body, for example energy, concentration, or detoxification. Depending on what you choose to juice, all of these things and more can be achieved to a greater degree.

More to come soon!

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